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    Who wouldn’t be interested to keep a pet? People prefer having dogs as their pets over other animals. It is because of the selfless love and faithfulness that they towards their masters. That’s why people treat them as their kids. 

    On the contrary, if an outsider or people who aren’t fond of pets gets bitten by your dog. It will put you into trouble. Dog Bite Injuries can be devastating for people of any age group. There are enormous dog bite cases that come into the picture every year in Los Angeles, California.

    What steps should be taken immediately after the Dog Bite attack 

    • Rush to the health care center for medical treatment
    • Identify the dog that attacked you
    • Report the animal control agency about the incident
    • Take photographs of the evident injuries
    • Hire a legal expert who is quite knowledgeable about Dog Bite Attorney Law in California
    • Do not inform the insurance company about your dog bite accident sans discussing it with your legal representative

    Seeking Damages caused by Dog Bite

    Dog bite victims are subjected to face significant medical expenses. They can claim compensation for following damages-

    • Medical expenses
    • Lost Wages
    • Hospitalization charges
    • Surgeries
    • Treatments for rehabilitation
    • Pain and suffering
    • Psychological counseling expenses
    • Emotional distress
    • Permanent disabilities

    Why hire a Dog Bite Attorney

    It is significant to appoint an attorney without causing any further delay. A dog bite can lead to repercussions that can worsen if not handled on time. It can be a complex process. It is better to hire an experienced attorney to alleviate the risk level and obtain optimum representation. Our attorney will help you out in-

    • Securing shreds of evidence
    • Keep a track record of witnesses
    • Look for the animal’s ownership
    • Determine every single responsible party
    • Report the incident to animal control authorities for further investigation
    • Get an incident report
    • Obtain relevant medical records
    • Contact insurance company and request for a claim

    Los Angeles Lawyer Co Law Firm is always ready to help you to get fair compensation through our highly-qualified team of legal experts. Give us a call for a free consultation.