Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer Los Angeles

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    There isn’t any fixed spot for Slip and fall accidents to take place. They can occur anytime and anywhere. Few instances of such accidents include shower and bathtub fall, terrace or balcony falls, wet surfaces, walking through the aisles of a public or private place, and so on.

    But its consequences can be worse in case of negligence. Severe slip and fall accidents lead to medical treatments that can prove to be a costly affair. To compensate for its devastating effects, go for an experienced slip and fall accident attorney. He/she will assist you in pursuing your claims.

    Types of Damages to pursue your claim

    You can claim compensation for the following damages-

    • Property damage – the property that has been blemished in slip and fall accident
    • Medical costs – to compensate for your medical evaluations and treatments along with surgeries and care post-operation
    • Post-discharge medical expenses such as therapy and medicines
    • Lost wages due to inability to do work
    • You are unable to operate your business because of the injuries caused by the accident
    • Psychological trauma

    Proof Needed to support your claim

    Shreds of evidence play a vital role to proceed further –

    • Take screenshots of the surroundings where the slip and fall accident took place
    • Keep a record of relevant information such as Insurance-related and contact information from possible witnesses
    • Keep a record of CCTV footage
    • Request for an incident report in records
    • Get medical assistance to receive treatment during the time of contingency

    Hire highly-qualified slip and fall accident attorney with us

    There is a little possibility to get fair compensation if you will handle your case on your own. Your insurance company won’t stay behind to minimize the maximum benefits that you can avail through your insurance cover.

    You are in a dire need of proper legal guidance and support from our experienced slip and fall accident lawyers. Los Angeles Lawyer Co law firm is the best pick to guide you with your case. Give us an immediate call for a free consultation. We don’t ask for payments in advance until you get fair compensation.